Optimize Employee Wellness

After years of working with patients, I have a unique approach when it comes to healthcare. I specialize in whole-patient wellness and individualized care, bringing together the best of evidence based modern and traditional medicine.

So many of us live our lives packed with obligations to our family, social events and work. Sometimes life’s demands get in the way of taking care of ourselves. The result of being pulled in too many directions at once can leave us drained of energy and make it difficult to be fully present both at work and at home.

If you think about it, there’s nothing more important than health.

When you have a high level of health and well-being, every aspect of life tends to flourish. My goal is to provide employees with the tools they need to reclaim and create a foundation for optimal health.

Finding solutions that work for your unique company is key.

Wellness comes through education to form the foundation of health.

Find healthcare solutions that work for your individual needs.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Anne Berkeley specializes in the field of functional and integrative medicine in Washington DC. She is also a certified corporate wellness consultant and is passionate about guiding others on their path towards optimal health and wellness. Her work has extended into the corporate field, as many companies are realizing the benefits of wellness programs to increase employee engagement, decrease healthcare costs, and maximize productivity.

Dr. Berkeley is available for lunch time presentations, corporate wellness programs, and private health consultations. She would be happy to speak with you about your dedication to employee health and how to participate in the growing trend of supporting wellness in the workplace.

It’s easy to see that Dr. Berkeley is passionate about helping others improve their health and well-being. Her presentations are engaging and informative. The tips she presented have helped me make better decisions about my health and I’m looking forward to learning more.

I feel empowered knowing what I can do to improve my health. Dr. Berkeley is knowledgeable, warm, and caring. She presented information in an easy-to-follow manner and provided me with motivation to make simple changes that I can make both at work and at home. Thank you!

Dr. Berkeley is one of the premier licensed naturopathic doctors in and around Washington DC. Her competence and integrity make her a trustworthy physician. This alone provides the results patients need, but it’s her big heart and genuine compassion that keeps them coming back. Highly recommend her.

Dr. Berkeley facilitated a presentation to my company about the importance of managing movement, sleep and stress to promote wellness. Prior to the presentation day, she worked closely with me to ensure that the content she presented would resonate with my employee population. On the day of the presentation, she did a fantastic job presenting about a half hour of content and addressing questions from the audience for about 15 minutes. She not only elevated our awareness of the concerns, but also provided real life, tangible recommendations for how to manage these concerns. She presented with a blend of facts, experience and humor and was easily relatable with the audience. If you are looking for a knowledgeable professional to talk with your employees about how to improve their wellness, look no further than Dr. Berkeley!

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